Tax Services


WSW provides tax planning, consulting and preparation of all types of business returns including corporate, s-corp or partnership and LLC returns (1120,1120S or 1065). We also prepare payroll tax (941, 940 and SUTA), business license renewals and personal property tax returns. We can handle preparation of all returns necessary to keep your business in compliance with federal state and local tax filing requirements. In addition, we work on cost segregation studies and research and development credit studies, both excellent tools for reducing your tax liabilities.


We assist individuals with tax planning, consulting and preparation of individual and gift tax returns (1040 and 709).

Our proactive approach includes advising clients of tax law changes and proposals that will affect them, quarterly calculations for estimated tax payments and year-end planning and review so they can be prepared for the results of their tax returns, thus eliminating unwanted surprises on April 15th.

Estates and Trusts

WSW prepares estate tax returns (Form 706) and Estate and Trust Income Tax Returns (1041). We work with attorneys and executors to properly report income and asset allocations based on the terms of the will and income with respect to the decedent.


We provide planning for and preparation of Form 990 for non-profits including unrelated business income.

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Tax Consulting & Compliance

The complexities presented by compliance with business and individual taxes, much less estate or sales and use taxes, often require the services of a professional. At WSW, we are trained and experienced to help you weather the storm or navigate around it. Delivering results to our clients is founded upon our proactive approach in tax compliance. Waiting till issues arise isn’t acceptable. Often our delivered results can be measured in what has not occurred—letters from tax authorities. Our planning approach to tax compliance will prepare your business so that stormy tax issues are a problem of the past.

As we review current developments in Congress, with the IRS and with all surrounding state rulings and interpretations, we keep our clients in mind. If we find something that will affect your business, you should hear it from us before anyone else. Our goal is to help you plan so that taxes are minimized and there are no surprises when the tax return is filed.

And if a tax problem becomes inevitable, you can rely on our experience in working with the IRS and the States to help solve the problem and negotiate the best terms and solution possible.