New! Electronic Delivery of Your 2018 Tax Return

In order to keep up with advances in technology, we are utilizing a new and exciting process this year for delivering your tax return, called SafeSend Returns. SafeSend Returns will allow us to securely deliver your tax return electronically, with easy to follow instructions. Please take a few minutes to read this overview to ensure a positive experience.

The SafeSend Returns process is easy and will work as follows: 

  • Once your 2018 Tax Return has been prepared, you will receive an e-mail from:

  • Please be sure to check your Junk folder if you don't see it come through once you have received our e-mail telling you that the return is on the way.

  • Our firm name will be indicated in the email.

  • This email will have a secure link to click.

  • If you are an individual, you will be asked a question to authenticate your identity such as a previous address or a vehicle you have owned. If it is a business tax return, you will set-up an e-mail or text authentication.

  • Follow the steps for completion.

  • Review your Returns.

  • Manually or Electronically E-Sign your e-File Authorization forms

  • If you choose to electronically E-Sign and your spouse needs to sign as well, a separate email will be sent AFTER you complete the signing process.

  • Download and/or print your returns

  • If applicable, pay your taxes due or make note of when they will be automatically withdrawn from your account.

  • This process can be completed on any device (PC, Mac, Smart Phone and/or Tablet)

For additional assistance, please click here for a short video on how to complete the process.

We feel confident you will enjoy the ease of use and security of this new process. If you choose not to download your return at the time that you sign it, you will still have access to your SafeSend account and can download the return later for your own use or to send to your banker.

*If you prefer to still receive a paper copy of your tax return instead, please call the office at 615-312-9050 to let us know.
Should you have any questions, please contact your CPA or Tax Team Administrator, Kim Low, at 615-312-9050.