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Are you an Associate Veterinarian seeking tax advice, considering a new clinic start-up, or acquiring an existing clinic? WSW Veterinary CPAs can assist! Let us share our knowledge of how to take the next steps in your career path with you.

We offer comprehensive services to current and future Vet business owners that provide immediate and long-term value.

A veterinarian who is also the owner of a veterinary hospital or clinic shows a desire to provide the highest level of care for companion animals and a desire to own and operate a business, two roles that require extremely different skill sets. Operating a successful and profitable hospital demands knowledge of debt, cash flow, cost reduction techniques and a mastery of skills such as management of employees, among others. 

WSW Veterinary Services works closely with clients to both educate and implement the basic skills of business ownership and provides full-scope services to clients ranging from basic accounting to tax return preparation to cash flow management or debt restructuring. 

Why a veterinary-specific CPA? Our firm’s specific knowledge of the Veterinary industry assists clients in maximizing the profitability of their practice through:
● Expense management
● Reduction techniques and a clear understanding of revenue drivers
●  Educating clients on the differences between income and cash flow and how to ultimately allow their practice to become a creator of future wealth

Much like the veterinary care of companion animals, the relationship with WSW Veterinary Services begins with an analysis of your current financial condition, both personally and professionally, followed by implementation of a practice-specific treatment plan to help you maintain your financial health. 

At WSW, our Vet CPAs provide real-time analytics of your financial data to allow proactive changes to be made during the year, not just during tax time. Consistent reviews of your balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flow offers you the ability to lead your practice to higher levels of growth and profitability versus reacting to opportunities that have been neglected. 

We also provide:

  • Annual report completion

  • Prepared financial statements: monthly or annually

  • Depreciation schedules maintained

  • Financial planning

  • Bill pay services

  • Sales tax return preparation

  • Property tax return preparation

  • Preparation of federal and state income tax returns

  • Assistance in establishing retirement plans for your practice

  • Form 1099s completed and filed

  • Veterinarian compensation structuring and analysis

  • Development of personal or clinic budgets

  • Assistance in obtaining financing

  • Annual retirement plan census reports prepared

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